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21 October, 2016

Bhindi Bharva

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Bhindi Bharva


  1. Bhindi – ½ Kg
  2. Onion – 2-3 chopped
  3. Oil – 5-6 tbs
  4. Red Chilli Powder – 2 tbs
  5. Turmeric Powder – 2 tbs
  6. Salt – according to taste
  7. Dhaniya Powder – 2tbs
  8. Garam Masala – 1 tbs


For cooking Bhindi Bharva, first of all wash the bhindi properly and let it dry or pat it with a dry cloth. After making it dry cut the bhindi from both the ends and make the slit at one side of the Bhindi and also make sure that slit does not pass on to other side of bhindi. For making the bhindi bharva, we need to stuff the bhindi with all the spices mentioned above. Mix all the spices together in a small bowl and start stuffing the bhindi with it.

Now put some oil in a kadai and once it get heated put all the bhindis in to it. Cook the bhindis on low flame so that bhindi does not get burn. Once it get cooked, add the chopped onions in to it and stir them in between. For some time you can see that Bhindi and onions have turned golden brown and is ready to serve.

Serving tip:

You can serve this Bhindi Bharva with chapattis during any meal time.

How to make Bhindi Bharva?

Few general questions on how to cook Bhindi Bharva...

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