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8 December, 2016

Instant Dahi Bhalla

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For Instant Dahi Bhalla

Ingredients –

  1. Bread – 8-10 Slices
  2. Curd – ½ Kg (beaten)
  3. Chopped Nuts – 100gm (Almond, Cashewnuts, Raisins)
  4. Water – according to need
  5. Red Chilli Powder – 1 tsp
  6. Salt – according to taste
  7. Roasted Cumin Powder – 1 tsp
  8. Black Pepper Powder – 1 tsp
  9. Tamarind Chutney – 100 gm
  10. Green Chutney – 100 gm
  11. Coriander Leaves – 4-5 tsp

Method –

  1. Take slices of bread and cut them in to round pieces using a steel glass upper sharp part.
  2. Now soak the bread slices in to water and keep chopped nuts on to it. Cover it another damp round shape of bread cutting.
  3. Squeeze the bread slice and place it in a plate. Repeat same process for all the bread slices or according to number of bhalla you want to prepare.
  4. Pour the curd on the bread slices placed on the plate. Curd should cover the slices from all over the sides.
  5. Put tamarind and green chutney on the bhalla and sprinkle salt, roasted cumin powder, red chilli powder, black pepper powder.
  6. Garnish it with coriander leaves and bread dahi bhalla is ready to serve.

Serving Tip –

Serve immediately as you prepare it. Enjoy Dahi Bhalla during evening snacks.

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