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11 October, 2016

Dandruff and Split end Mask

Posted in : Hair on by : Pooja Kinger

Dandruff, split ends, hair fall, hair breakage and hair thinning problems.. Try this mask twice a week to see the difference…


Egg White and curd


Take egg whites of 1 or 2 eggs depending upon the length of your hair. Mix 2 or 4 tablespoon curd to the egg  whites. If you have taken 1 egg white take two tablespoon curd and if you have taken egg whites of 2 eggs take 4 tablespoon curd.  Whisk them well so that the egg whites gets mix with the curd completely.

Rub on your entire scalp and then rub along the length of your hair. After applying it completely , cover your hair with a shower cap or tie them with the help of a clip or a rubber band. Leave the mask for 30- 40 minutes and then wash your hair with lukewarm water. When the entire mask comes out, then shampoo your hair with your regular shampoo. Do not use conditioner as curd is a natural conditioner.

You will soon see the problems of Dandruff, Split ends and hair fall is reducing.


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